Terms and Conditions

Service Provider Details:

Company Name: Directimpex Kft.
Headquarters: 3530 Miskolc, Széchenyi utca 78. 1st em. 47th
Complaint handling address: 3525 Miskolc, City Hall Square 8.
Tax number: 23758216-2-05
Company Registration Number: 05-09-023289
Issuing Court of Registration and Documentation Office: Court of Registration of the Miskolc Court
Contract language: Hungarian
Electronic mailing address: goengraver@gmail.com
Phone contact: +36 20 80 10 845
Location of the hosting service: whosting.eu
Name of the shipping partner and partners: Hungarian Post (MPL), FedEx
Orders are processed on weekdays: 9 am to 6 pm or by contracted partner.
The average working time of orders is in work days: 2-3 days or by contracted partner.
For inventory shortage products: 1-3 weeks or contracted by partner.
Webshop domain: goengraver.com (Same: goengraver.hu)
Data management registration number NAIH-80340/2014.

The www.goengraver.com online web shop system is a product design and customer site offering real-time online editing interface, where contracted partners of goengraver.com can create their own profiles and use the services on the web site to distribute their own products. The user (buyer) can design and order their own product. The goengraver.com system allows buyers to purchase the products (texts, cliparts, photos, drawings or other graphic objects) that can be paid by the bankcard or PayPal. Goengraver.com systems deduct the percentage of purchases for the use of the design system and transfer the remaining amounts to the product manufacturing partner. The graphic aids created by your order (intended use goals and a fixed system all-in-one plan) send you to your partner to realize your customer's ideas. Goengraver.com does not participate in any further processes or correspondence, so after the payment, it does not take any responsibility for the issues that arise. Particularly in terms of design errors, payment and refund issues, declarations, reviews and evaluations made or posted to the buyer for the delivery and quality of the purchased product, material and moral damages caused by the partner. On goengraver.com, goengraver.com's contractual partners and their customers' orders and financial claims issues are the property of goengraver.com and can not be held liable or subject to any obligation. Goengraver.com and its owner (the web store operator) accepts no responsibility for possible design errors by the buyer.

Any questions and misunderstandings and problems that arise when placing an order should be settled by google.com's contracting partners and their buyers!

Name of the parties to the contract:

Operator of google.com = the owner of the page or its authorized agent

The contracted partner of goengraver.com = The person or company who takes up the goengraver.com site with the intention of selling it to a Buyer.

The user of goengraver.com and the Buyer of Your Partner = The person or company who wants to buy the product uploaded to goengraver.com by the contract partner of goengraver.com and the purchased product of this look and quality has been bought by goengraver .com site. When purchasing a customer, all costs incurred, shipping costs, system usage fees, and any transaction fees incurred when purchasing.

In our web store, shopping is done electronically.
In our electronic store you can buy everyone who has a valid registration.
Buyer is obligated to accept this General Purchase Terms at the time of registration, and declares that he / she is familiar with. There is an order and a condition for fulfillment. You know the possibilities and limitations of the Internet, with particular regard to technical performance and possible errors.
If the registration form is incorrect or incorrect, the registration is invalid. For any erroneous performance resulting from this, goengraver.com is not responsible for any form whatsoever.
Essential properties of the subject of the contract
The characteristics of the product that you have purchased are detailed in the description of a particular product.
The purchase price and delivery costs, payment and delivery terms, delivery deadlines
The purchase price always applies to a selected product that includes the sales tax (VAT).
In addition to the purchase price